Why Instagram Stories Is a Great Marketing Tool

Think that Instagram Stories is not suitable for marketing?

Think again.

Instagram Stories has 300 million active daily users who might be interested in learning how your product or service could help make their lives better.

Still not convinced?

Then here are 4 more reasons why Instagram Stories is right for you.

  • Users want to hear from businesses like you – According to Instagram, almost 33% of most-popular Instagram Stories are from businesses. If you have something interesting to share, the next most popular story could well be yours!

  • Users not only read stories but also interact with businesses- Instagram Stories fans are not just passive viewers, who’ll read your content and then forget all about it. Instead, if they find your story exciting, they will engage with you by following your brand on other social media platforms, becoming a regular reader of your company’s’ blog, or installing your app on their mobiles.  They might even decide to give your product or service a try after reading your story, especially if it features a ‘special offer’ ad.

  • Make your stories last longer – By default Instagram Stories vanish on their own in 24 hours. However, now you can keep your favorite stories after they’ve expired using the Stories Highlight feature. It allows you to showcase the highlights of your stories just below your profile’s bio. This way you can ensure your best stories continue to attract attraction and encourage customer engagement for as long as you want.

  • Smart businesses are already using it – About 50% of businesses on Instagram are currently using stories to reach out to more consumers and improve their customer engagement. Perhaps some of your direct competitors are already using it.  If you don’t take your story to the viewers, they might choose to engage with your competitors, giving them a huge advantage over you.

As you can clearly see, Instagram Stories holds great potential as a marketing tool. However, to get the maximum benefit from it you must use it intelligently.

Not all types of business stories attract equal amount of attention. Certain types of business stories are more popular than others, such as production promotion, insider’s preview, live event, live event, and how-to. You would do well to base your campaign around them.

Along with posting interesting stories, make sure they are easily searchable. A couple of ways of doing this is by adding location and hashtags to your stories. Most popular hashtags this year include #Goodmorning, #Work, #Goodnight, and #Mood, among others.

Use relevant hashtags with your post because stories with hashtags have better engagement than those without. However, don’t overdo it as too many hashtags might put off viewers.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags for one story, but that doesn’t mean that you should tag each post with that many hashtags. Keep the number of hashtags under a reasonable limit and you’ll be fine.

To know more about Instagram Stories, its potential as a marketing tool, and how well-known brands are using it to a great effect, check out the following infographic.

Infographic URL: https://99firms.com/blog/how-businesses-use-instagram-stories/

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