The Science of Controlling Your Emotions: How The ABC Model Will Transform Your Life (FS311)

Do you sometimes feel like you’re
trying to push a Sisyphean rock up a hill as an entrepreneur? There will likely
be initial excitement about a new business or idea, but what mostly follows is
a period where your motivation begins to dwindle and you begin to second-guess
yourself. The question is, are you able to get out of that pit?

There are also times when you can
simply let the rock glide down the other side of the hill, when things seem to
happen effortlessly. But how do I get more gliding and less pushing? Can it be
easier to make money? Is it possible to have less stress and anxiety and to be
better set up for success?

In this episode, we get into the topic of navigating business psychology, your emotions as an entrepreneur, discussing the relevance of the “Just Ship It!” challenge, Ram Dass’s concept of neutrality, how others influence our responses and the importance of becoming aware of your blind spots.

On the show we are joined by Corbett Barr, Aiden Fishbein and our special guest, Joe Kerns, who is a business psychology, mental resilience expert and someone who has a ton of experience on the topic of our conversation today. He shares about the ABC model as a tool to analyze and better understand our reactions to circumstances, the role that our thoughts play in shaping our emotions and how it all ties into our interpretation of the past, present and future.

We also talk about why it is so hard for entrepreneurs to take that first step of getting something out the door and about the effect that thoughts and emotions have on business. Join us today for expert advice on growing the mental toughness that is required to succeed in business.

Listen to the episode:

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Key Points From This Business Psychology Episode:

  • The important relationship between being relaxed and performing well. [0:04:16.0]
  • Joe’s back story about business psychology and controlling emotions. [0:06:56.0]
  • Where our emotions come from. [0:08:03.0]
  • More about Fizzle’s “Just Ship It!” challenge. [0:09:16.0]
  • Why many entrepreneurs are afraid of putting themselves out there. [0:09:30.0]
  • How your emotions can derail all of your plans. [0:13:37.0]
  • Why learning is a necessary result of building a business. [0:16:49.0]
  • The premise of the ABC model. [0:22:43.0]
  • The umbrella analogy about controlling emotions. [0:27:37.0]
  • Why you need to create more space between the event and the thought. [0:28:24.0]
  • More about Ram Dass, his lectures and the concept of neutrality. [0:29:16.0]
  • The role of our history in how we respond to situations. [0:31:01.0]
  • The importance of pulling apart and analyzing our responses to things. [0:32:11.0]
  • How we are susceptible to the influence and ideas of others. [0:32:56.0]
  • The part of the brain that allows us to deceive ourselves. [0:40:59.0]
  • How entrepreneurs can practically apply business psychology and mental toughness. [0:43:34.0]
  • Applying the ABC model to Chase’s personal case study. [0:50:20.0]
  • A breakdown of the laws described in The Three Laws of Performance. [0:53:05.0]
  • The importance of deconstructing your thoughts. [0:56:43.0]
  • Why you need to consider all the evidence from both sides of your beliefs. [1:00:23.0]
  • And much more!

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