The Best Place to Work as an Entrepreneur

Where should you work? What are the options when it comes to choosing a space? What are the most important things to consider when finding your workspace?

As entrepreneurs we have the option of choosing where we want to work. It is one of the blessing afforded this lifestyle, but can also have a huge impact on the success and failure of your projects.

In this episode, we break down the subject and try our best to unpack the issue in a way that helps you get some more clarity on the location for the magic to happen. This location might evolve and grow as you do, so we also want to give you the tools and ideas that aid this process.

We also talk about the three main avenues for spaces where you can work, these being home, an office and public spaces like cafes. We each give our personal experience with these places and share some pros and cons for you listening pleasure!

For all of this and much more, be sure to join us on the show today!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Finding your own best location according to your season. [0:04:52.5]
  • The laptop lifestyle and different modes of work. [0:07:43.2]
  • Using a particular space for a particular project or job. [0:12:15.6]
  • Learning your own strengths and weaknesses. [0:14:51.8]
  • The life changing magic of tidying up. [0:19:10.5]
  • Some of the challenges of working from home. [0:22:02.3]
  • Distractions, evolving offices and scheduling home work. [0:26:01.1]
  • Treating work spaces like productivity systems. [0:31:40.6]
  • Choosing where to work by what you are working on today. [0:35:40.5]
  • The experience and lessons of working from home. [0:40:28.8]
  • Weighing rented offices and co-working spaces. [0:50:15.9]
  • The pros and cons of working in public spaces like a cafe. [0:58:21.4]
  • The impact that your work and where you do it can have. [1:01:30.3]
  • And much more!

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