The DRIVEN Storytelling System

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I am here to help coaches, consultants, and public speakers to connect their story and their "business why" with their product and services, so that they have a better marketing and branding position. This is done by building a stronger know, like, trust factor through storytelling.

Stories when told in the right way can help businesses resonate with their audience and make their target audience feel being understood. As the old saying goes, "To reach a person's heart, one must make them feel understood."

The Four Pillars of the DRIVEN Storytelling System

Create a Safe Place to tell your story and learn how to tell your story by sharing only a snippet of a scene

Explore Your Vision, talents, experience, and passion, and help extract your knowledge so that we can help you create your own course/program

Choose the Angle you want to present your story with your products and services

Provide a Digital Marketing Training that will put you in front of your ideal customer

The Four Stages of the DRIVEN Storytelling System

STAGE ONE - Help with Existing Business Funnel Analysis - Review and assess your current website and landing pages in detail. This will help you implement your landing pages, lead follow-up, and onboarding email sequence.

STAGE TWO - Create Program Extracting the Genius in You - Explore your vision, talents, experience, and passion, and help extract your knowledge so that we can help you create your own course/program.

STAGE THREE - The Unique Marketing Strategy (How to Monetize Your Story) - Create an empowering and inspiring story about your business that edifies you as a subject matter expert in the field.

We want to make sure if anyone searches for you, they get the right content that shares your passion for your craft and how you help others.

STAGE FOUR - Lead Generation (Consistent Leads through LinkedIn) - It is very important for a business to grow and scale and this can be accomplished by receiving consistent highly qualified leads.

Becoming Visible 5 Saturdays Challenge

From $97 USD and up

What the 5 Saturdays Challenge will be able to deliver:

Reclaim Your Personal Power – Free from Disempowerment

Explore Emotion Attachment to Disempowering Words

Experience NLP Visualization Exercise to Release Emotions

Remove Limiting Beliefs & Work Towards Possibilities

Enable Yourself to Feel Positive Emotions

Learn to Forgive Your Offenders & Yourself

Discover Your Unique Message for the World – Put Yourself Own Virtual Stages

Explore Your Passion, Talents, & Visions

Niche Down & Create Problem Statement

Understand Your Ideal Customer Avatar

Explore Possible Solution for Your Audience's Problem

Extract Your Knowledge into a Business Blueprint

Explore Different Type of Funnels

How to Setup & Launch Your Program

How to Gain Visibility with Content Publishing

Getting Your First Virtual Stage

Bonus: How to Get on Other People Stages

Be the Messenger. Your Message Matters. Podcast Show

No Cost

I believe every business has a duty beyond making money. Business are meant to create an impact to our society. There is a personal and business why behind every business. And every business there is a story from within.

"Be the Messenger. Your Message Matters" show will provide an opportunity for coaches, consultants, public speakers and small business owners to be interviewed for brand story promotion and to increase their "Know, Like, Trust" factor that will bring them more customer exposure.

If you are interested, please sign up for more information.

Facebook Ads - Specialized in Life Insurance

From $500 USD a month and up

I mainly work with life insurance agents and brokers. But I work with other niches, too.


Social Media Content Scheduling - Accounting + Mortgage Niche

From $500 USD a month and up

(Does not include Blog post Copy or Image Ads Copy) (Does include Social Media Image)

Please also make sure you provide me a drafted copy of the call to action for your social media post. Your draft copy may be edited to make the Ads communicate better. But all changes are only release upon your approval.

Please have your compliant training material ready, the communication protocol, have your FAQ ready so I can reply on your behalf on questions that really do not need your attention.

Please also made ready this information available to me: Please note all the different sales seasons and cycle, both peak and low, so that the social media post will be schedule in the right time frame.

Please get your content ready at least 3 weeks ahead of time. Remember that it is always scheduling for upcoming months in advance.

So if you want to get your social post publish for all to see from October 22 and onwards, then you shall provide the content by lastest October 1st.

CRM + Email Marketing Set up -

From $950 USD one-time and up is my recommended CRM + Email Marketing solutions for small business owner, coaches, and professionals.

Every client comes through my door, I do a unique need assessment, so I can recommend the right product. Keap maybe the right product for me, but to you it can be Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Sendinblue, etc.

I am well verse in most of the CRM and Email Marketing platform in the market.

So you can have the confident in my monitoring, setup, and automation.

Full Web Funnel Service - Monthly (Min 3 months)

$2000 USD a month (minimum 3 months)

Analysis of your existing website and landing, come up with a better set up and complete the set up

Including email marketing automation campaign and follow-up series setup.

Competitors Research - SEO + Social Media Audit.

From $500 USD and Up.

I need your existing business social media channel link, as well as the name of the your top 3 competitors of your industry, and 3 of your direct competitors.

Vendors Finding Service

$120 USD an hour

Billed by hour. I will research on your behalf of any software and vendor solutions, and then meet with 3 to 5 of the vendors, and negotiate the deal on your behalf.

Email Marketing Automation

$950 USD one-time and up

Billed by hour. I will access your email marketing needs, and map out your email marketing automation map, and then set them up at your email marketing and CRM software.

1 on 1 Digital Marketing Coaching

$120 USD an hour

Billed by hour. Absolute no sales pitch. You can submit your questions and information earlier to your session, so I have time to review it and answer them in our call, so we can well use the time we got together - Put all energy on delivering the solution.

You can sign up a free consultation before you book the 1 on 1 Coaching call.

The Art Of Transforming Story Into Marketing Weapon!

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