Perfect VS Done: Do Your Best Work or Just Ship It? (FS305)

How do we balance our dreams of perfection with getting things done? Should our business be more focussed on shipping or shaping? When do we know that something is ready to go out into the world?

These are the types of questions that all entrepreneurs, whether service or product based, have to face pretty regularly. Learning how to manage this tension is huge part of finding a successful path and continual sensitivity to these options can put you and your work in great stead.

In this episode, we get right into the issue, weighing the benefits of getting things done and working on them meticulously. In the end, there is always going to be a sweet spot between how much you can possibly do and the point you need to let go.

We also talk about self doubt, paring down your vision, putting constraints of perfectionism and why it is not a bad idea to err on the side of shipping in the beginning.

For this and whole lot more, join us today!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Ways to think about the differences between perfect and done. [0:03:44.5]
  • The difficulty of embodying both of these ideas. [0:08:20.2]
  • Swinging between practicality, practice and perfection. [0:10:15.6]
  • Smashing pedestals and giving yourself permission to succeed. [0:16:54.4]
  • Witnessing and acknowledging how you feel about your projects. [0:20:50.8]
  • What perfectionism actually means in relation to your psyche. [0:25:06.4]
  • Starting to ship somewhere and the space there is for imperfection. [0:32:38.1]
  • Performance, entrepreneurship and streamlining your shipping. [0:40:01.5]
  • Perspective and clinically observing yourself and your business. [0:45:13]
  • Solving a problem and letting your perfectionism serve you. [0:53:04]
  • Ongoing lesson and the journey that we are on. [0:57:04.2]
  • Living to fight another day in this business! [1:01:03.2]
  • And much more!

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