Perfect for Parents: Passive Income & Building A “Perennial” Business (FS313)

How do we run a business that does
not run us into the ground? Can we give energy into our hustle without having
none left for anything else? How do we keep the wind in our sails?

The idea of managing the size of a
business to suit your actual needs seems to becoming more and more attractive
to a lot of entrepreneurs. It is something we have spoken about before on the
Fizzle Show and we strongly believe you are the one who should decide the scope
and ambition of what you do!

In this episode, we take this idea one step further and think about just how much and what kind of work you really need to do today. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, is there an obvious question that you see being asked that you know how to answer?

Today on the show we are joined by
Nathalie Lussier who is a digital strategist, the founder of Access Ally and
has made it her mission to help you achieve your dreams. We talk to her about
automation, the customer’s journey, facilitating a good experience for an
audience, improving the work you have already done and why you already have everything
you need.

For all of this and more, join us today!

Listen to the episode:

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • A quick introduction to Nathalie and her
    business. [0:03:26.4]
  • Switching the equation around so your business
    serves you. [0:08:30.7]
  • Breaking things down in past, present and future.
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship and the value of
    service. [0:15:26.6]
  • The vital lessons that we learn in trying times.
  • The expert’s dilemma and getting perspective on
    your own value. [0:22:40.7]
  • The patterns that helped Nathalie discover her
    gifts in plain sight. [0:26:35.5]
  • How Nathalie’s answered the questions she was
    encountering. [0:31:35.3]
  • Moving forward with freebies towards paid
    services. [0:35:54.7]
  • Fighting your own battles and slaying your own
    dragons. [0:41:02.8]
  • Nathalie’s business preparation for having her
    baby. [0:46:51.2]
  • The architecture of online business and the
    customer journey. [0:51:54.1]
  • Stamina and dedication to bettering a single
    offer. [0:54:32.6]
  • Post mortem, taking stock and dialing it all in
    for updates. [1:00:49.4]
  • Honoring the work already done and doubling
    down. [1:04:40.7]
  • You already have what you need! [1:08:01.1]
  • And much more!

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