Lydia Lee: Screw The Cubicle, Reinvent Your Work (FS351)

“We’re grown adults with seemingly unlimited choice. Yet many of us feel trapped in a work situation where we do only what others expect of us. Every day. Five days a week.” – Lydia Lee

Lydia Lee joins us on the show today. Lydia runs Screw The Cubicle where she helps purpose-driven people discover the right business idea, bring it to life & own it, so they can quit the 9-5 and start living a life of freedom. She calls herself a “work reinvention coach” and has her own amazing story of corporate burnout and reinvention.

In this episode we cover:

  • Work Reinvention – Transitioning your body of work from corporate to entrepreneurship
  • Meaningful Work – Finding the creative work that lights you up and gets you paid
  • Anti-Bro Marketing – Standing out in a noisy marketplace with intimacy and generosity
  • Defining What’s ‘Enough’ – The healthier (and more liberating) metrics to measure our success in business

Listen to the episode:

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