Improving online Business Revenues through Social Media In 2019

If you look at the online business volumes of well-known brands, you would realize that a major percentage is attained through social media. Why is that so? Why are brands investing so much in social media marketing?  How did people make purchases few years back? These used to check television commercials and select a product that matched their needs. After that, they made a visit to the market and purchase what they need. If you consider the same process today, it looks a lot more cumbersome. The reason is that everything is being dominated by digital means. You have to figure out the ways to improve your social media growth to get more potential leads throughout the year.

Social media has proven to be an attractive option for marketing because it is according to the changing buying behaviour of users. Today, you would witness that most people are interested in saving time and exploring the maximum options at the same time. Companies that do not have a good presence on social media channels do face challenges in terms of getting customers. On the other hand, if you have a strong presence on social media channels, more people would be inclined towards choosing your brand.

  1. Social media standings are very important

As it is said above, in the present time, having high social media standings is very important. For instance, let us go through a proper example for more understanding. Choosing a brand is an important decision irrespective of what you are buying. Today, people do not check the standing of the brand through public opinion or by going through the website. The first thing that potential buyers check is the number of likes which the brand has. If a brand has several likes and positive comments, a potential buyer would not take a moment before purchasing. On the other hand, a quality brand that does not have a good social media reputation would struggle for getting customers. People are very conscious about the social media reputation that a brand has. Even when people are using an existing brand and they are satisfied with it, they may change their preference if the social media standing of the brand goes down. The standing of a brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and You Tube carry immense importance and impact the buying decision of the customer.

  • Social Media as a revenue generating factor

For a normal user who does not own a business, using social media is nothing more than passing free time. When we get bored or want to communicate with someone, we use social media. Most of us find social media as a part of our day to day routine and not checking our accounts seems impossible. However for brand owners, the situation is quite different and for them, social media is a methodology of generating money.

  • The popularity of social media accounts decides the business volume that a brand would generate. If a brand has more convincing photos on Instagram with likes, more new customers would be encouraged to try the brand. Similarly, negative comments on Facebook would give the impression that the brand is not worth trying. In a nutshell, it can be said that social media accounts matter a lot.
  • What efforts need to be invested for social media popularity?

Every brand is not popular on social media. If you have been generating business through references and you need to improve the volumes, social media is the way to go about. Most brands start with a Facebook account as people tend to use this platform a lot. However, creating a page would obviously not attract a healthy traffic count. There are other tactics that have to be used to attract audience.

  • What kind of information does your Facebook page offer? Which product photos have you uploaded on your Instagram account? Simply uploading information on social media accounts like a formality is not what would convince the customers. The goal is that customers should know at all times about the company ventures. If the company is about to launch a new product line for the season, customers should know about it.
  • Successful brands upload all the necessary content on social media to keep the customers updated at all times. This is actually the goal that should be accomplished through social media.
  • A lot of brand owners do not know what kind of information has to be uploaded on Facebook and Instagram accounts. This is something that has to be understood. The goal is that customers should have the latest information in terms of buying options. Let’s discuss an example for better elaboration. Consider that you have a brand for selling furniture and you are about to launch a new product line of tables. How would your customers know that this product line is being launched? On the other hand, if they do not have information in advance about it, you cannot expect high sales volumes. This is where you need to use social media platforms to spread the news even before the product line has been launched. You can start by uploading the product pictures on Facebook along with the launch date. Use attractive banners so that customer attention can be attained. Once customers see that you are about to make a new launch, the interest would be developed in advance. Thus, when the product line would be actually launched, generating sales would be an absolutely easy task.
  • Brands that do not have proper social media existences are unable to create customer awareness. Let us consider the example mentioned above again. If the brand does not have a Facebook page or Instagram account, customers would not have any idea that a new line of products is about to be launched. This obviously means that potential buyers would not have any awareness. In other words, the company would not be able to generate high sales volumes and it would take a long time for customers to develop product awareness.
  • Brands that have active social media presences usually have a high number of online followers.  The moment, a new update is published, these customers or regular followers get to know that the brand is about to make a new launch. Why is social media presence so important and how does it impact business profits in such a major manner? One of the main reasons is that people make most of their purchases online. Through social media existences, customers judge whether the brand is worth selecting or not. If people are not following a brand and the likes are not in large numbers, it is a perception that the brand is not up to the mark. Hence, in the present time, if a brand wants to generate high sales volumes, a lot of attention on social media platforms has to be given.
  • Social Media pages for SEO purposes

Quality brands get immense customers online as their websites are ranked highly. In other words, these brands have high SEO standings. The same goals can be attained if you have impressive social media accounts. For instance, if your Facebook page is up to the mark and updated in every manner, Google would rank it highly. When customers would make searches that match your company identity, your social media pages would be displayed.

  • As compared to websites, customers are more comfortable with social media pages because they are catchy and attractive. For instance, consider that you want to buy a pair of socks and you are viewing different brands. When you view the Facebook page, you would be able to attain important information including product options, product response and pricing. Successful brands do update their social media accounts with all product related information. If you feel that the product is good enough to buy, you would visit the company website and make an online purchase. This is actually the buying behaviour that people have these days. They want to make their online purchases in the shortest possible time span. People simply do not have the time to go through lengthy product descriptions.
  • Social media accounts use more of visual content than text content. For instance, Facebook pages rarely have lengthy product descriptions in text form. They have more of visual content so that customers can make buying decisions quickly. In addition to that, reputed brands upload real product images without any editing so that a trustworthy relationship can be constructed with the customer.
  • Social media accounts can improve the rate of traffic as well. Consider that customers end up on your Facebook Page or Instagram account. If they get impressed at what you are offering or what other people have to say about your services, they would not take long to make purchases. This is what quality social media accounts can do for a brand. If a brand can make a positive impression through social media, it becomes much easier to get traffic on the website. This is the key reason why brands that have impressive social media accounts never have to struggle for getting business and earning profits.