How to Pitch: Veranda

Circulation: 500,000

Frequency: 6x/year

Background: Veranda launched in 1987 and was purchased by Hearst in 2002. The publication focuses on homes, decorating, and garden projects all over the United States and abroad. However, its largest audience concentration is in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and New York. “We are a luxury brand,” says Steele Thomas Marcoux, editor in chief. “[Our audience is] people who really care about their homes and home décor. They care a lot about architecture…gardening, and they’re quite well traveled.”

The Veranda audience is mostly female with a media age of about 50 (the online audience is a little younger), but the male audience is actually higher than most other shelter publications, says Marcoux.

Veranda sets itself apart from similar publications by “covering interior design and home projects that have a real sense of place and feel connected to their environment,” says Marcoux. “We take a lot of pride in finding authentic architectural styles that belong in a certain region, but also in terms of their connection to the outdoors.”

What to pitch: Editors are always on the lookout for new writers, and freelancers are encouraged to pitch feature stories. Articles can focus on a specific designer, architect or landscaper and her projects, as well as features that examine design trends (e.g. a historical architectural style that’s making a comeback.) Word count: 800-1200.

The middle-of-the-book “In Good Taste” section is also open to pitches. Editors are looking for articles that focus on decorating, architecture, landscape design, jewelry, entertaining, and historical preservation.

What not to pitch: The FOB section is handled in house.

Online opportunities: There are no online opportunities at this time.

What publicists should pitch — and when: Publicists can pitch stories about new tastemakers, books, restaurants and hotel design. Lead time: 2 months.

Percentage of freelance-written content: 50-60%

Percentage of freelance pitches accepted: 20-25%

Etiquette: Keep your pitches to about one paragraph, and feel free to attach any visuals that may illustrate your story idea. If editors are interested they’ll be in touch to ask for more information.

Lead time: 6-12 months

Pay rate: Flat per project rate of about $2/word.

Payment schedule: Payment on invoice

Rights purchased: All rights

Contact info:
2901 2nd Ave S., Suite 270
Birmingham, AL 35233
Twitter handle: @VerandaMag| Facebook

Direct all pitches to:
Editor in chief, Steele Thomas Marcoux: STEELE at VERANDA dot COM

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