How to Grow With Intention & Avoid Growth for Growth’s Sake (FS290)

To scale or not to scale? When is the right time to take a step up and bust through that glass ceiling with your business? Is getting better preferable to getting bigger?

In this episode we are talking about growing with intention. The topic of this conversation was sparked by a question about scaling in the Fizzle forums and after some rumination on the idea of scaling and the right times for this, we settle on the idea and that intentionally growing is always preferable to growth for growth’s sake.

We also talk about what this really looks like, unpacking balancing your ambitions, finances and lifestyle as well as the opportunities that challenges and problems offer us. There are no definitive answers for everybody here, but hopefully the discussion will lead you to your own conclusions.

For a great conversation on a indispensable question, be sure to tune in with us!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Fizzle is hiring! [0:04:49.2]
  • Keeping a business lean and profitable [0:07:20.1]
  • The conundrum of balancing the glass ceiling, the itch and lifestyle. [0:08:58.7]
  • Reaching your goal and the lack of satisfaction that can occur. [0:13:54.4]
  • The usefulness of challenges and problems in our businesses. [0:17:12.2]
  • The example of Basecamp and their growth philosophy. [0:24:35.6]
  • What is entrepreneurship becoming? What do you want it to feel like? [0:27:18.4]
  • Why slowing down and stabilizing your business and purpose can be difficult. [0:32:55.3]
  • Grounding your ambition and desire for exhilaration. [0:37:24.8]
  • The range of feelings and emotions that are possible at any point in your path. [0:42:50.5]
  • Implementing a practice intentionally and sharpening your edge. [0:45:58.1]
  • What the question of scaling really signifies. [0:49:40.7]
  • Growing with intention and getting better rather than bigger. [0:53:35.4]
  • And much more!


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