How a Group Program Might be the Right Next Step for Your Business (And How to do One!)

Are you looking to take your small business up a few notches? Does the idea of hosting fully grown online courses seem a little too daunting for where you are right now? Is there an intermediate step you can take to continue your progress?

Here at Fizzle we think the idea of a group program is the perfect way to take you to that next level. Although this format can take a few different forms, the basic idea remains quite simple and can be carried out without too much intensive organization and heavy inputs.

In this episode we’ll be talking about exactly what a group program can be and how it can help you and your business. Steph has been implementing group programs to great success and as such will be expanding on the ideas for all of our listening pleasure!

We also talk about the benefits this model can offer, potential pitfalls, preparation and avoiding the ‘experts dilemma’. We see the group program framework as offering multifaceted positives to any growing business and we finish by emphasizing the way in which it can crystalize your value offer and propel your company forward.

For an essential and currently trending conversation be sure to tune in and get it all!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • The intermediate step up to the big leagues. [0:05:30.2]
  • Why group programs might be a new big trend in business. [0:08:20.5]
  • The three options for entrepreneurs dealing with information. [0:10:09.1]
  • How group programs sit perfectly between the two other options. [0:15:26.5]
  • Some examples from Steph’s experiences running group programs. [0:18:57.2]
  • Immediate benefits from adopting this model for your business. [0:23:01.1]
  • The level of expertise needed for pitching yourself in this way. [0:26:29.7]
  • Balancing teaching and participant interaction during a group call. [0:30:38.0]
  • Possible mistakes when starting your own group program for the first time. [0:39:55.8]
  • Assessing your material and preparation for hosting a call. [0:45:25.6]
  • Understanding the value you offer to prospective clients. [0:48:08.3]
  • Avoiding the ‘experts dilemma’ and packaging a transformation. [0:50:20.2]
  • And much more!

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