Have Enough Space For Your Biz, Don’t Just Quit (FS309)

Are you ever
confronted with the problem of finding enough time to do everything you’d like
to do as an entrepreneur? Do you battle to focus on just one task and find
yourself working on several things simultaneously, just to realize that you
have not been productive at the end of the day?

A common problem
many new entrepreneurs experience is trying to start their business on the side
while still doing another full-time job. Is it possible to sustain your energy
levels in these circumstances?

Today on the show we are joined by
Fizzle team members, Aiden Fishbein
and Jen Rao, who share some of the valuable lessons they have learned in
starting a new business while still managing a day job. Why is the standard
advice from the many talking heads out there not always viable? How do I cope
with my entrepreneurial aspirations and taxing full-time work?

Aiden and Jen advise listeners on
finding the type of employment that allows you to preserve your energy and
creativity for your own endeavor, explaining in more detail why minimal viable
employment is what you should be aiming for.

We discuss more about risk and how it
has been applicable in Jen’s life, unravelling the joy that simplification and
pared down expenses can introduce to your life. But what is required for a
person to sell your house, pack up shop and embrace a simpler kind of life? Is
it something that anyone can do? Tune in today to find out how you can escape
the fast lane so that you can live the life you want.

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • The dream of the internet. [0:02:41.0]
  • Why time is a big challenge for entrepreneurs. [0:04:30.0]
  • What to do to accomplish something meaningful in
    a day. [0:05:35.0]
  • The difficulty with starting your own business
    on the side. [0:05:50.0]
  • The regular advice for those starting their own
    business. [0:09:00.0]
  • More about Gary Vaynerchuk and hustling. [0:09:18.0]
  • Finding time around the gaps in your day job. [0:10:26.0]
  • The benefit of minimal viable employment. [0:11:38.0]
  • The concept of risk and the four rings. [0:17:26.0]
  • Applying the complexity circle to Jen’s
    experience. [0:22:38.0]
  • The joy of paring down your expenses. [0:26:22.0]
  • Having faith that things will work out. [0:30:14.0]
  • The importance of having the right attitude. [0:31:54.0]
  • Why careful planning is vital before quitting
    your job. [0:36:50.0]
  • Creating a new normal. [0:40:19.0]
  • Figuring out what you want your emotions to be
    like. [0:44:44:0]
  • The importance of recognizing your energetic
    state. [0:49:27:0]
  • Who are your gurus? [0:52:02:0]
  • The sunny and shady side of building your own
    business. [0:53:50:0]
  • How a pessimistic viewpoint can help you
    succeed. [0:58:05:0]
  • Honoring the fact that you do not know
    everything [1:04:19:0]
  • Why restructuring your current job could be an
    option [1:07:00:0]
  • And much more!

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