Grow Your Podcast Audience, Get Paid for Consulting, and Run PPC Ads (FS337)

How do you grow your podcast following if you don’t have an existing audience elsewhere?

It might be easy to introduce a podcast if you already have thousands of social media followers and a long email list, but it’s trickier if you are starting from scratch.

In this member-focused episode, the Fizzle Team discusses this puzzle and address some other attendee questions. Each host gives their perspective as it pertains to their own experience and business.

We also talk about the strategies new podcasters could use to get the attention of another audience who is already listening to similar shows. Later we tackle the all-too-familiar problem of people who want to “pick your brain” without paying for it and help you to better set the boundaries between a discovery session and an actual consultation.

And finally we talk about how to approach your first social media PPC ad campaigns, free content creation and wrap up with an encouraging testimonial from a Fizzle member.

Tune in to get all the answers from this week’s Fizzler-focused Q&A episode!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Growing your podcast audience and the problem of discoverability. [0:01:20.0]
  • Why you might need to diversify and leverage podcast content in a blog post. [0:05:41.0]
  • Strategies for getting the attention of people who already listen to podcasts. [0:08:28.0]
  • How to avoid wasting your time by those who want info but don’t want to pay. [0:14:21.0]
  • Differentiating between a free discovery session and an actual consultation. [0:19:51.0]
  • Tips on running ads and being careful with a business model built on paid traffic. [0:23:04.0]
  • The potential with publishing high-quality free content to create awareness. [0:27:47.0]
  • A success story from a Fizzle member. [0:30:56.0]
  • And much more!

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Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash

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