Entrepreneurial Doomsday Prepping: How to Protect Your Business for When Life Hits Hard (cuz it will!) (FS306)

How do we create necessary safety
nets for our businesses? What happens when disaster strikes or you just need to
take a holiday? What are the most important areas to cover?

Every business will have its own unexpected ups and downs. Being prepared for these can mean the difference between staying alight and fizzling out, so we want to unpack how to go about prepping your ship for all manner of waters!

In this episode, we get right to the core of what it means to prepare well for the inevitable difficulties you or business might encounter. We go through some of the ways you can approach this task, talking about different modes of work, productivity and why time off is so important.

We also talk about recovery from
tough periods, the concepts of good enough and trust and why it is not actually
that difficult to be well prepared in this regard. This is such a vital topic
because in the end, it can all collapse if you do not reinforce your businesses
structures now!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Don’t miss out on opportunities through ill
    preparation. [0:08:10.3]
  • Working in the eye of the storm. [0:11:01.8]
  • Survival mode versus working with some
    perspective. [0:14:25.4]
  • Power saving mode and settling for good enough
    when necessary. [0:18:32.4]
  • Time off and the importance of systems and
    processes. [0:22:10.2]
  • Team members and support networks for your peace
    of mind. [0:27:01.6]
  • The four rings of productivity and stepping into
    complexity. [0:28:45.9]
  • Stoicism and staying the path. [0:36:02.5]
  • Serenity and calm in the eye of storm. [0:38:38.1]
  • Write out your problems and letting it all out. [0:41:50.6]
  • Emotional resilience and staying afloat in
    stormy seas. [0:46:40.7]
  • Attachment, detachment and the results that come
    of these mindsets. [0:51:35.3]
  • The impact of B minus work and minimum viable
    effort. [0:55:39.8]
  • What are you committed to cause? [0:58:12.2]
  • The power of automation and increasing points of
    failure. [1:03:50.9]
  • Staying ahead of the curve and your schedule. [1:08:38.3]
  • And much more!

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