How to Pitch: WholeFoods Magazine

Circulation: 15,028 Frequency: Monthly Special issues: Natural Product Retailer Survey (March); Natural Choice Awards (April); Industry Directory (May); Retailer of the Year Issue (July) Background: For more than 40 years WholeFoods Magazine has been dedicated to providing its readers with the lowdown on the natural products and whole foods industries. This trade publication is often…… Continue Reading How to Pitch: WholeFoods Magazine

How to Pitch: Greatist

Monthly Unique Visitors: 10 million Background: There are lots of people who strive to eat healthier foods and live healthier lives. But there are also plenty of health and fitness outlets that tend to make readers feel badly if they’re unable to swap out a life of red meat and processed foods for a vegan…… Continue Reading How to Pitch: Greatist

How to Pitch: Lonny

Monthly Unique Visitors: 4.3 million   Background: Many shelter publications focus on showcasing homes that are crammed with exquisite (and outrageously expensive) items. So, while their pages may be fun to look at, they’re not very useful to consumers who don’t have multiple thousands to spend on interior decorations.   Lonny came onto the scene…… Continue Reading How to Pitch: Lonny

How To Pitch: Hemispheres

Circulation: 11 million Frequency: Monthly Background: Although our electronic devices offer quite a bit of entertainment options at 35,000 feet, United Airlines travelers have the option of unplugging from their phones and tablets and digging into stories on the pages of Hemispheres magazine. This in-flight publication can be found in United Airlines airport lounges as…… Continue Reading How To Pitch: Hemispheres

How To Pitch: Bitch Media

Circulation: 80,000 Frequency: Quarterly Background: Twenty-one years ago Bitch Magazine landed on newsstands. A podcast was developed several years later along with a blog which became a full-blown website. These components are collectively now known as Bitch Media, which operates under the tagline: “A feminist response to pop culture.” Bitch Media is geared toward 18-60…… Continue Reading How To Pitch: Bitch Media

The New Wave of Media Consumption: How Group Nine Media Stays on Top

It’s no secret that today’s media environment has been challenging for publishers, as audience attention (and the resulting ad dollars) grows ever more elusive. Consumer attention and media consumption has shifted dramatically from radio, newspapers and television to mobile and social media platforms. People want access to news and information wherever they are and audiences… Continue Reading The New Wave of Media Consumption: How Group Nine Media Stays on Top