How to Pitch: Equally Wed

Background: Founded in 2010, Equally Wed is an online LGBTQ+ wedding magazine, book, and educational resource for LGBTQ+ couples and LGBTQ+ inclusive wedding professionals. “Within our inspirational content, we focus on wedding planning, real weddings and engagements, family, travel, marriage equality news, and [we spotlight] LGBTQ+ inclusive wedding vendors,” says Alaina Leary Lavoie, senior editor….… Continue Reading How to Pitch: Equally Wed

How to Pitch: Road & Track

Frequency: 10x/year Background: Road & Track has been around since the 1940s and is a “publication for people who love driving–for anyone who’s felt excitement behind the wheel,” says Bob Sorokanich, deputy editor. “We tell involving stories about cars old and new.” Each issue is constructed around a central theme (e.g. racing, trucks, adventure, etc…)…… Continue Reading How to Pitch: Road & Track

How to Pitch: FFWD

Background: FFWD covers the world of online video. It focuses on YouTube, TikTok and Twitch, and aims to be “The Economist of online video–,” says editor, Chris Stokel-Walker. “–the home for the smartest takes on the things that will matter in the near future in online video by the journalists who are embedded in that…… Continue Reading How to Pitch: FFWD

How to Pitch: Tenderly

Circulation: The site is in pre-launch, but will be promoted to Medium subscribers (200,000+). Background: This summer vegans, vegetarians (and those who are veg-curious) will be checking out Tenderly, a vegan lifestyle publication that will be coming to Medium in July. “We hope to be a vital resource and a source of inspiration and delight…… Continue Reading How to Pitch: Tenderly

How to Pitch: Smart Mouth

Frequency: 2x/month Background: With a launch date of October 2019, the Smart Mouth newsletter is poised to bring stories about food history and culture to its readers. “It’s about food, but the focus isn’t on how things taste,” says Katherine Spiers, editor. “It’s more about culture and context and history…and sometimes about what’s on the…… Continue Reading How to Pitch: Smart Mouth

How to Pitch: Veranda

Circulation: 500,000 Frequency: 6x/year Background: Veranda launched in 1987 and was purchased by Hearst in 2002. The publication focuses on homes, decorating, and garden projects all over the United States and abroad. However, its largest audience concentration is in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and New York. “We are a luxury brand,” says Steele… Continue Reading How to Pitch: Veranda

How to Pitch: The Cut

Background: The Cut is New York Magazine’s fashion and lifestyle site and the destination for women with sharp, stylish minds, covering culture, politics, fashion, and wellness, says Erika Allen, culture editor. Its mission is to provide a creative space for new and exciting voices and opinions—to be informative, open-minded, and provide a space for conversation, she says.… Continue Reading How to Pitch: The Cut

How to Pitch:

Unique Visitors: 535,391 Background: Punch went live in 2013 with the intention of bringing together the worlds of wine, spirits, and cocktails. “We pride ourselves on…championing stories that are under the radar or a little bit fringe,” says co-founder and features editor Leslie Pariseau. “We like to tell stories that aren’t necessarily being told or…from an angle… Continue Reading How to Pitch:

How To Pitch: Discover

Circulation: 290,000 Frequency: 10 issues a year Special issues: “Year in Science” issue (January/February) highlights the top 100 science stories of the previous year. Background: Discover launched in 1980, and it’s been the go-to publication for science enthusiasts ever since. “Our target audience is people who are curious about science,” says Becky Lang, editor in…… Continue Reading How To Pitch: Discover

How to Pitch: Dame

Background: DAME has been around since the mid 1990s, and “is a magazine that is for everyone with a women’s point of view,” says Heather Wood Rudulph, managing editor. “We are 100 percent owned and operated by women, and our writers are mostly women.” The publication is independently owned and does not accept corporate advertising…… Continue Reading How to Pitch: Dame

How to Pitch: Motherwell

Background: Motherwell went live in 2016 and has become a resource for all things related to parenting and culture. The site covers a wide range of topics, ranging from pregnancy loss and educational issues to gender roles and the emotional fabric of parenthood. “We want Motherwell to be a home of civilized debate on the parenting…… Continue Reading How to Pitch: Motherwell

How To Pitch:

Monthly Unique Visitors: 5 million Background: kicked off on Mother’s Day 2012 and was acquired in 2018 by Rock You Media (now known as Wild Sky Media). But the shift in ownership did not change the site’s primary mission of helping to guide women through one of life’s biggest challenges: motherhood. “We’re targeting millennial moms…… Continue Reading How To Pitch: