How to Pitch: Motherwell

Background: Motherwell went live in 2016 and has become a resource for all things related to parenting and culture. The site covers a wide range of topics, ranging from pregnancy loss and educational issues to gender roles and the emotional fabric of parenthood. “We want Motherwell to be a home of civilized debate on the parenting…… Continue Reading How to Pitch: Motherwell

How To Pitch:

Monthly Unique Visitors: 5 million Background: kicked off on Mother’s Day 2012 and was acquired in 2018 by Rock You Media (now known as Wild Sky Media). But the shift in ownership did not change the site’s primary mission of helping to guide women through one of life’s biggest challenges: motherhood. “We’re targeting millennial moms…… Continue Reading How To Pitch:

How To Pitch: Wired

Circulation: 870,000 Frequency: Monthly Background: Wired magazine launched in 1993, while HotWired, its online counterpart, came into the world in 1994. The website was eventually renamed, and in the 20+ years since, Wired has been delivering high-caliber technology-focused content to its audience. “Wired is a publication about change and transformation and the future,” says Andrea Valdez,…… Continue Reading How To Pitch: Wired

How To Pitch: EatingWell

Circulation: 1.7 million Frequency: 10x/year Background: Last year the parent companies of Cooking Light and EatingWell merged. And when the dust settled Cooking Light’s print edition ceased, while EatingWell added four new issues per year. The publication’s tagline: “Where good health meets good taste” is still going strong and perfectly encapsulates its mission of helping readers learn…… Continue Reading How To Pitch: EatingWell

How To Pitch: The Bump

Monthly Unique Visitors: 6.2 million Background: The print version of The Bump was left behind a few years back to make way for The site targets millennial moms with its mobile-first content that helps readers navigate through fertility and pregnancy to the toddler and pre-school years, says Ashlee Neuman, senior editor. The site separates itself from…… Continue Reading How To Pitch: The Bump

How To Pitch: Foreign Policy

Frequency: Quarterly Background: Foreign Policy was created in the 1970s by Samuel Huntington, chairman of the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies, and a group of international relations scholars. Its initial target audience was diplomats and scholars, but in the early 2000s the focus shifted to a more general audience who were craving information about…… Continue Reading How To Pitch: Foreign Policy

How To Pitch: Writer’s Digest

Circulation: 60,000Frequency: 8x/year + 2 special issuesSpecial issues: Yearbook (December); Craft-Based Workbook (July) Background: In an era where print publications have been folding left and right—crushed under the weight of too much competition or the Internet, Writer’s Digest is an industry staple that will be celebrating its 100th anniversary next year. The publication prides itself on keeping… Continue Reading How To Pitch: Writer’s Digest

How To Pitch: The Verge

To break into this digital mag, pitch tech pieces off the editorial team’s radar. To access this post, you must purchase AvantGuild Membership or MB Unlimited. The post How To Pitch: The Verge appeared first on Mediabistro. Powered by WPeMatico

How To Pitch: Clean Eating

Circulation: 200,000 Frequency: 6x/year Background: Have you recently sworn off foods like Doritos, Pop Tarts, and anything that’s made with an ingredient that you can’t pronounce? If so, then Clean Eating may be the place to aim your next pitch. The publication promotes the benefits of consuming food the way nature delivered it, or as close…… Continue Reading How To Pitch: Clean Eating

Monthly Unique Visitors: 5.9 million Background: Some lifestyle blogs and print publications are just beginning to see the value of inclusivity and diversity. But StyleCaster got there a long time ago. The beauty and fashion site has lived online for about 10 years and has stood by its mission statement: Style to the People. “We… Continue Reading

Courses Coming Soon

December is looking ripe for new courses in two of our forever most popular topics, Copywriting and Copyediting. Copywriting for Websites: Let our in-house seasoned pro (who has actually written 150+ websites herself) take you through the architecture of a website from the copywriter’s perspective.  You’ll be guided through blurbs, callouts, headlines and CTAs as… Continue Reading Courses Coming Soon

Course Announcement

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