Brands vs Ads

About 7 years ago I wrote about how the search relevancy algorithms were placing heavy weighting on brand-related signals after Vince & Panda on the (half correct!) presumption that this would lead to excessive industry consolidation which in turn would force Google to turn the dials in the other direction. My thesis was Google would… Continue Reading Brands vs Ads

Google BigQuery FAQs Answered

Written By: Erin Jordan, Jonah Ortiz, & Sean Pinto. Frequently Asked Questions What is BigQuery? BigQuery was introduced by Google as a scalable solution to data warehousing to give enterprises more flexibility with their data. BigQuery is a serverless cloud data warehouse that allows users to query and join various datasets in a user-friendly interface at… Continue Reading Google BigQuery FAQs Answered

New Keyword Tool

Our keyword tool is updated periodically. We recently updated it once more. For comparison sake, the old keyword tool looked like this Whereas the new keyword tool looks like this The upsides of the new keyword tool are: fresher data from this year more granular data on ad bids vs click prices lists ad clickthrough… Continue Reading New Keyword Tool

Google Discover Feed Now Showing Restaurants

Recently, I guess the past couple of weeks or so, the Google Discover feed started showing restaurants you might be interested in. This is obviously important if you help local restaurants with their Google My Business listings. Powered by WPeMatico