Burnout, Rebirth And The Weird Netherworld Between The Two (FS302)

Today on the show we’re talking about burnout. In this episode we go on a deep dive into the story of an entrepreneur who found both enormous success and… well, the sometimes massive costs of success.

…and when we say “massive costs”, we’re not talking about getting burnt out and binging Netflix, or forgetting to call back close friends, or forgetting to eat lunch a couple of times…

…we’re talking about the serious, life-threatening, physiological consequences of real deal overwork and burnout.

You’ll see what we mean…

Also, on a happy note, this episode has some incredibly helpful tips about:

  • how to manage your focus as an entrepreneur,
  • how several successful entrepreneurs stay productive and avoid burnout
  • how to bounce back and create after you’ve lost faith and motivation in yourself or your project.


Listen to the episode:

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