#SproutChat Recap: Using Analytics to Improve Your Social Strategy

It’s no secret to marketers that analytics are important, but it’s what you do with your analytics that matters the most. It’s not always easy, but staying on top of reporting is paramount to improving social strategy. Looking at your social goals and tracking your KPIs tells you where adjustments need to be made.

In this week’s #SproutChat we discussed frequency in tracking metrics and key indicators for measuring success in your performance.

Gauge Performance with Engagement Rates

Engagement rates are a telling aspect of your brand’s overall health on social. Tracking this metric enables you to easily pick up on signs of success.

A1: Oh, oh! Overall growth and engagement rate. And can’t forget about referral traffic from social. #SproutChat

— Hawke Media (@gohawke) June 7, 2017

A1: The engagement rates. #SproutChat

— Ɓℓαzє (@thetechblaze) June 7, 2017

A1. Engagement rate is always at the top of the list. #SproutChat

— Goal Digital (@goaldigitaluk) June 7, 2017

A1 Engagement and leads #SproutChat

— Taylor J. Hall (@taylorjhall) June 7, 2017

ENGAGEMENT. Always engagement rates. #sproutchat

— roboboogie (@roboboogiePDX) June 7, 2017

A1: I’d say engagement & reach go hand in hand. You want to make sure ppl are getting the message AND that it resonates w/them #sproutchat

— Kalin Thomas (@KalinThomasYall) June 7, 2017

Analyze Data Frequently, but Not Too Frequently

How often you check your data will vary depending on your business’s needs, but it’s best to give campaigns a little room to grow and develop in order to see clear engagement patterns.

A2: While you shouldn’t get obsessed with checking your data, do it often – at least once a week.#SproutChat pic.twitter.com/P98kFC0jeD

— @AndreaTorti90 (@andreatorti90) June 7, 2017

A2) It depends. Some data sets are best checked monthly while others are best checked daily. #SproutChat

— Jake Yeaton (@jakeyeaton) June 7, 2017

A2: Weekly at least. Don’t look at data too quickly either. It might not give an accurate depiction of a post’s reach. #sproutchat

— Netvantage Marketing (@netvantage) June 7, 2017

Depends on the level of data but I check-in weekly, run reports for clients monthly, quarterly, yearly. #sproutchat

— Steph Nissen (@stephnissen_) June 7, 2017

A2: How much time do you have. Daily at least, hourly in some cases. I want to know who is doing what when and why. #SproutChat

— Darren Johnson (@darrenesl) June 7, 2017

I would say once a week, but that also depends on how often you’re engaging. #SproutChat

— Maggie Driver (@Maggie_Driver) June 7, 2017

A2: Once a week average, more if there’s something abnormal. It’s a pain finding out where something changed if you’re not on it #SproutChat

— Jeff Higgins (@ItsJeffHiggins) June 7, 2017

Create & Track Goals

In addition to tracking metrics, it’s important to have trackable goals. There are a variety of targets you’ll work toward, but establishing which of those targets contribute to your marketing plan as a whole will help you focus your efforts.

A3. Social listening is 1 way. The “watercooler” is now online, and people will talk up your product if they LOVE it or HATE it. #SproutChat https://t.co/xdCO5o9Qqp

— Maggie Bizzell (@MaggieBizz) June 7, 2017

A3 CTR, Conversion Rate, Sentiment, for ads – relevance score, CPL. #sproutchat

— Steph Nissen (@stephnissen_) June 7, 2017

Basically: engagement, engagement, engagement #SproutChat

— Metter Media (@mettermedia) June 7, 2017

A3) It’s all about lead generation (if it’s a business). Then the overall engagement levels. #SproutChat

— Pinely (@Pinely_io) June 7, 2017

A3) If people are responding to your call to action #SproutChat

— lukeb3000 (@lukeb3000) June 7, 2017

Present Clear & Concise Metrics

Presenting data should be as clear and concise as possible. Don’t overwhelm stakeholders, focus on highlighting patterns, changes or insightful information. Sprout offers ready-to-go reports that are perfect for instances like this.

A5: Most important part of sharing data, DO NOT OVERWHELM THEM. Give them only the data they need in an organized manner. #sproutchat

— Netvantage Marketing (@netvantage) June 7, 2017

A5 Whatever data you present, it must be translated into everyday terms. You don’t want stakeholders to say, “So what?” #SproutChat

— Jim Katzaman (@JKatzaman) June 7, 2017

A5 My go-to way to present data to stakeholders is visually and in person if we can. Hold their hand and walk thru together! #sproutchat

— Steph Nissen (@stephnissen_) June 7, 2017

A5) Interactive dashboards and in person if possible. #SproutChat

— Jake Yeaton (@jakeyeaton) June 7, 2017

A5: keep it simple #SproutChat https://t.co/dDRpEOyPVe

— Josephine Borrillo (@70mq) June 7, 2017

Test, Learn & Apply

Trial and error is sometimes the best learning experience. Testing small tweaks, like different images or text, is a great way to learn what appeals best to your audience. Apply your results to your social strategy to boost performance.

A6: Yes! Testing send times and hashtags are two great control factors to test. #SproutChat

— Kimberly Blight (@kblght) June 7, 2017

Yes! Visual/Text, statement/question, times of day, days of week, hashtags #SproutChat https://t.co/52Neg4bj2G

— SECOND STORY. (@2ndstoryagency) June 7, 2017

A6: A/B testing is definitely beneficial to seeing what resonates with your audience. It will require extra effort though. #SproutChat

— Express Writers (@ExpWriters) June 7, 2017

A6: Absolutely! It helps you understand what your audience likes and doesn’t like. #sproutchat

— Netvantage Marketing (@netvantage) June 7, 2017

A6: It’s never a bad idea to A/B test content. Test out CTAs, images, and copy, to see which converts/engages the most people. #SproutChat

— Sortis Marketing (@SortisMarketing) June 7, 2017

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